Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Awesome blinkenlight performance

At a dormitory competition in 2005 students of University of Technology and Economics in Budapest turned the dormitory building into a big dot matrix display. They created a special system which controlled the lights and set up a light in front of each windows of the dormitory. A little box turned the electricity in and out. This little box was connected to a controller computer which played the animations. The music played is an adaption of the most well-known song of the most famous Hungarian rock band, Tankcsapda.

Lake Balaton feeling

German teenagers had the time of their life at Lake Balaton. Thanks for popularizing Hungary!

Photo by Szili

Our rankings of Eurovision Song Contest (ESC)

Let's see Hungary in English blog's rankings of Eurovision Song Contest. According to us the just result would have been as follows. Or maybe it's not the just result but our opinion.

1. Hungary, Magdi Ruzsa
2. Moldova, Natalia Barbu
3. Finland, Hanna Pakarinen
4. Bulgaria, Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov
5. Serbia, Marija Serifovic
10. Russia, Serebro
16. Turkey, Kenan Dogulu
21. Ukraina, Verka Serduchka

Magdi Ruzsa deserved the best songwriter award in ESC!

Magdi Ruzsa finally came 9th in the Eurovision Song Contest final which she and Hungarians can be very proud of since, as we saw, culturually and ethnically akid countries voted each other and Hungary doesn't have too many of these. At the same time, Magdi deserved the best songwriter award for her beautiful song! Congratulations on your performance and your talent of songwriting!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Magdi Ruzsa - The first Hungarian world star?

Hungary in English blog has already written about Magdi Ruzsa. The reason for the new post about her is her great ESC performance in Eurovision Song Contest semi-final which dazzled viewers and critics both. Her fantastic performance was enough for the final which is held tonight.

According to lots of people she is one of the best in the field. Tonight over 100 million viewers can see her and vote for her at the final of ESC.

The Hungary in English blog thinks that she does have the chance to win. First of all, her ESC performance is the second most viewed of ESC semi-final performances on YouTube, and the vast majority of commenters think that she is the best and she has the only authentic voice. They write that they will certainly vote for Magdi. Youtubers think the other singers sang cheap bubblegum pop hits which can't be compared to Magdi's voice and song.

Secondly, as we all know, people can't vote for singers from their country tonight. However, there is a high Hungarian minority in neighbouring countries. About 4,5 million Hungarians live in Serbia (where Magdi comes from), Romania, Slovakia, Ukraina, Sweden, etc. But we don't want to forecast anything. At midnight everything will turn out.

And to answer the question which was asked in the title: if even Magdi wins, it is important to mention that very few of ESC competitors have later became an international star, excluding Celine Dion or ABBA, for example.

Magdi's semi-final performance:

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Things To See in Budapest III. - Margaret Island

Margaret Island (Margitsziget) is a 2.5 km long island in the middle of the Danube in central Budapest, between the two city parts, Buda and Pest. Margaret Island is one of the most beautiful open spaces in the city. In contrast to similar islands in other great cities, Margitsziget has not been built over, but has remained a huge park in the heart of Budapest. It is a popular recreational area for tourists as well as locals. There are tennis courts, public baths, historical monuments, hotels, clubs and restaurants, and a jogging track, and even a stadium, too on this tiny island. Margaret Island also offers a variety of beautiful and unique trees, flowers and plants.

Margaret Island photos by Trekphotographer, nushh, Elin B, norbijuzer, katicabogar

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who Is Speak, The Hungarian Rapper?

He is not a Hungarian rap star at all. Currently he is working in Cyprus as a manager of an upscale restaurant. Want to know more about him? Visit his unofficial fan site!

Speak, The Hungarian Rapper Lyrics

Speak is more and more popular in the world. Unfortunately he is starting to be the symbol of Hungary and the Hungarian music despite the fact that we have really great singers who deserve much more popularity than Speak, The Hungarian Rapper.

Loads of people came to Hungary in English blog by the keyword of "Speak, The Hungarian Rapper lyrics" but, up to now, couldn't find the lyrics.


2003, I pray for God they people make the right decision
I don't wanna war. I just wanna peace. Stop the war. Check this.
I hope my black brothers feel the same like me
Dre, Snoop, Puff, L, Tupac Shakur, rest in peace. He was the best. My respect (yeee, c'mon)

I hate terrorists, and I understand you.
September 11, I'll never forget you. Rest in peace
Catch the bad man, stop your plan, bin Laden, thank Allah.
Yee c'mon. Stop the war. That's right.

Sometimes people make a war, don't know what is for (business)
Say you stop the war (yee c'mon, once again)
Sometimes people fight a war, don't know what is for (business)
Say you stop the war (yee that's right, c'mon)

I don't wanna war, I just want to live and love each other
My family, my friends. Nobody wants war. Life is short
Yee, c'mon, that's right. Check.

They just simple people, want simple life. Simple land, simple thing.
We have so many places. World is big. A place enough.
That's right. C'mon. Yee.

Don't make war any more. Show the right way. I pray. Don't kill each other
I don't wanna war. Stop your business. I pray for God, stop the war.
Yee, c'mon, that's right.

Sometimes people make a war, don't know what is for (business)
Say you stop the war (Yee c'mon, once again)
Sometimes people fight a war, don't know what is for (business) Say you stop the war (Yee that's right, c'mon, together)

We don't wanna war. Takacs Tamas, Varga Miklos, Bebe, Naszi,
My respect, Speak. I'll be back. Peace.

Lyrics from Unofficial Speak Fan Site

Formerly on Hungary in English blog: Speak, The Hungarian Rapper - The Funniest I Have Ever Seen

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lake Balaton II. - Badacsony

Lake Balaton (sometimes called the Hungarian sea) is the largest lake in Central Europe. The peak season extends from June until the end of August. It's very enjoyable to bath in the lake since the average water temperature in summer is about 25 °C (77 °F). I collected the most beautiful, most interesting and most exciting towns which should be visited at Lake Balaton.

2. Badacsony - Fine wine and splendid panorama

One of the most beautiful resorts around Lake Balaton is Badacsony. From the top of the 438 m high Badacsony mountain there is a splendid view over the lake. One of the the five Wine Regions of Lake Balaton is Badacsony wine region which is situated on old volcanoes. It's a lifetime experience to be tasting fine Hungarian wines while viewing the beautiful panorama from Badacsony mountain.

Badacsony photos by camelopardalis, Szili, Csizmadia Tamas

Maestro - Hungarian Oscar Nomination

Maestro is the first Hungarian movie nominated for Oscar since 1972. Tonight it will turn out if Maestro will win the Academy Award for the best animated short.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lake Balaton I. - Siofok

Lake Balaton (sometimes called the Hungarian sea) is the largest lake in Central Europe. The peak season extends from June until the end of August. It's very enjoyable to bath in the lake, since the average water temperature in summer is about 25 °C (77 °F). I collected the most beautiful, most interesting and most exciting towns which should be visited at Lake Balaton.

1. Siofok - For young people and partyfaces

Siofok is the nightlife capital of Lake Balaton. There are bars, pizzerias, pubs, and dozens of discos and nightclubs in the city. You can dance, drink, karaoke, flirt, listen to live music, anything you want. At the same time, I don't recommend anyone to go alone to a disco in Siofok (and generally, in Hungary.)

But Siofok is much more than just discos and bars. It is not only the nightlife capital of Lake Balaton, it is, to my mind, the capital of the lake. In addition, it has the best beach of Lake Balaton with sand, and opportunities to play beach voleyball, water football, badminton, to hire paddle boats, sailboats, kayak, etc. In my opinion, Siofok can't be missed by anyone.

Siofok photos by ArK47 and gerdragon

Lake Balaton photos by rabasz, camelopardalis, Szili, tzunder, mrngr, Pedalofilo

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Budapest - On Andrassy Avenue From Heroes' Square to Oktogon

Andrassy Avenue is part of the World Heritage. It is one of the most representative streets in Hungary and one of Budapest very few avenues. Heroes' Square lies at the end of Andrassy Avenue. The famous square is sorrounded by two pretty buildings, Museum of Fine Arts and Palace of Art. The other end of the avenue is Oktogon. Oktogon derives its name from its shape, which is that of an octagon (a polygon that has eight sides.) It is always a very great pleasure to walk on Andrassy Avenue from Heroes' Square to Oktogon. On this route beautiful buildings can be seen, and the atmosphere of the beautiful city centre of Budapest can be felt.

Andr√°ssy Avenue - Photos by Gryts, gm@2 and jaime.sylva

Heroes' Square - Photos by Paul Mannix, jaime.silva, Paul Russel

New NOX Videoclips

It seems that you like NOX very much. Diane even demanded for more NOX clips. So for the sake of Diane, some new NOX videos.. I still think that NOX is one of the best Hungarian pop bands. Besides NOX is very popular in Hungary, as I experienced, people from abroad who get to know the group, adore them, too.

NOX: Csak jatssz!

NOX: Szeretem

Formerly on Hungary in English blog: Great Hungarian Music - NOX

Means of Transport in Hungary II. - Budapest Metro

The Budapest Metro consists of three lines. Line 4 is under construction. There are also plans for Budapest Metro Line 5.

The line 1 of Budapest Metro is the oldest subway of the continental Europe. It was inagurated in 1896, the year of millennium.

Line 2 was built from 1950 to 1963 and is currently under major reconstructions. Among others, stations are renovated. The renovation will have been finished this year.

The construction of Budapest Metro line 3 was started in 1970 but reached its current length only in 1990. It is the longest metro line in Budapest. It is 17 km-long and consist of 20 stations.

Budapest metro can't be compared to the beauty of Moscow Metro, for example. However, Metro line 1 and 2 are beautifully renovated. The third line of Budapest metro still gives a very strong retro-Communist atmosphere.

Finally, some interesting facts about Budapest Metro from Wikipedia:

- Mobile phones can be used throughout the existing metro lines, although travellers are asked to switch them off (of course, on one switch them off at all).

- There are still the same Soviet vehicles running on Metro line two and three (like in Moscow and some subway services of Prague, as well as the only line in Warsaw). The trains are driven by two people, except for Metro 3, which has a "program carpet" controlling the trains' speed and stopping. This means that controlling the metro mostly consists of opening and closing the door. On the other hand, Metro 4 will be entirely automatic, functioning without human drivers.

- In case of an attack or a catastrophe, the Budapest Metro can provide shelter for 220,000 people, including fresh air (with an air-filter), drinking-water (3 l) and washing-water (27 l per person per day).

- A film with a huge success titled Kontroll was made in Budapest Metro in 2003. It was also screened in Cannes and in the U.S.

Budapest Metro line 1 - Photos by Claudecf, tschaut, Jesus Abizanda, k nt, ingoism

Budapest Metro line 2 - Photos by Antiteilchen, melyviz, loungerie, Zsolt Vajda, Bernat 83

Budapest Metro line 3 - Photos by jaime.silva, loungerie, tillwe