Sunday, January 28, 2007

Budapest - On Andrassy Avenue From Heroes' Square to Oktogon

Andrassy Avenue is part of the World Heritage. It is one of the most representative streets in Hungary and one of Budapest very few avenues. Heroes' Square lies at the end of Andrassy Avenue. The famous square is sorrounded by two pretty buildings, Museum of Fine Arts and Palace of Art. The other end of the avenue is Oktogon. Oktogon derives its name from its shape, which is that of an octagon (a polygon that has eight sides.) It is always a very great pleasure to walk on Andrassy Avenue from Heroes' Square to Oktogon. On this route beautiful buildings can be seen, and the atmosphere of the beautiful city centre of Budapest can be felt.

Andrássy Avenue - Photos by Gryts, gm@2 and jaime.sylva

Heroes' Square - Photos by Paul Mannix, jaime.silva, Paul Russel

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