Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lake Balaton II. - Badacsony

Lake Balaton (sometimes called the Hungarian sea) is the largest lake in Central Europe. The peak season extends from June until the end of August. It's very enjoyable to bath in the lake since the average water temperature in summer is about 25 °C (77 °F). I collected the most beautiful, most interesting and most exciting towns which should be visited at Lake Balaton.

2. Badacsony - Fine wine and splendid panorama

One of the most beautiful resorts around Lake Balaton is Badacsony. From the top of the 438 m high Badacsony mountain there is a splendid view over the lake. One of the the five Wine Regions of Lake Balaton is Badacsony wine region which is situated on old volcanoes. It's a lifetime experience to be tasting fine Hungarian wines while viewing the beautiful panorama from Badacsony mountain.

Badacsony photos by camelopardalis, Szili, Csizmadia Tamas

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