Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Means of Transport in Hungary I. - Trams

Have you ever wondered what kind of means of transport are used in Hungary? First of all, let's see trams!

- 'UV' type tram, Budapest
Used from 1950s. They are being withdrawn from service.

Photos by Ikaros Images, g e

- Ganz 8-axle tram, Budapest
Used from 1967.

Photo by Rivertay

- Tatra T5C5 tram, Budapest
Used from 1984

Photo by nagy.david

- Siemens Combino tram, Budapest

Photo by tschaut

- Ganz KCSV6 tram, Debrecen

- Tatra T6A2 tram, Szeged

Photo by access.denied

- New Tatra tram in Szeged


Anonymous said...

Hungarian Volanbusz is the worst service! They ignore customers and reply Hungarian if you ask in English. And, angry, stressed officers will shout at you! What the worst service:(

Csicso said...

Yes, you are true. Unfortunately this is the case with the most Hungarian services, not only with transportation. Most Hungarians haven't learnt yet that they are for the customers, the customers are who give money to them.