Saturday, December 30, 2006

Things NOT to See - Dunaújváros

Hungary is a beautiful country which beauty can be seen in the Things To See category (which is not ready yet..) However, Hungary, like any other country in the world, has ugly parts which tourists rarely visit, too. The first city showed here is Dunaújváros which is not as ugly and dirty as some other places which will be shown later. Instead, Dunaújváros simply has no any tourist sights. Nothing. Although if you are interested in industrial cities and factories, you can't miss visiting Dunaújváros. I am posting only two pictures of the city, but believe me, the whole city is the same. Block of flats and factories, factories and block of flats. The city was built in the 1950s during the industrialization of the country and was called Sztálinváros (Stalin City) till 1961. The city now has a population of 54,000.

Photos: tfejos: Templom messziről; tfejos: Vazsgyár

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Steve said...

My online friend Anita is from here and she makes it sound nice. I will be one of the few tourists!